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  • Mercury Elite Pro Quad Four-Bay External Drive Enclosure with USB Type-C 3.1 Gen 2 (USB A cable included)
  • Mercury Elite Pro mini enclosure USB-C 10Gb/s Portable SATA enclosure (no hard drive)
  • iMac 2009 and iMac 2010 Upgrade Kit w/ Thermal Sensor cable and Tools
  • Complete Installation Kit for Hard Drive into all 27in iMac Retina 2012 & Later Models 90 Days with Thermal cable and Adhesive and Tools
  • Dealer Mount Kit with cables for SSD into iMac 2010 27in as 3rd drive NO TOOLS
  • Internal SSD Dealer Kit for All Apple 21.5in iMac 2011 Models no tools
  • Mounting Bracket OWC Multi-Mount 2.5in to 3.5inand 3.5in to 5.25in bracket set Install one 3.5in and one 2.5in HDD or SSD in a single 5.25in bay (drives not included)
  • Envoy Wedge Slim USB3 Enclosure 2012 MBA (no drive) Envoy enclosure is for Apple drive only, do not install OWC drive in Envoy
  • Envoy Pro Wedge Slim USB3 Enclosure Retina MBP (no drive) for 2012 and early 2013 MacBook Pro and late 2012 and Early 2013 iMac MacBookPro10, MacBookPro10,2, Mac13,1, Mac13,2 Envoy enclosure is for Apple drive only, do not install OWC drive in Envoy
  • Envoy Pro Portable USB3.0 Enclosure for Apple Flash SSDs (Late 2013 - Current Mac Models) - Enclosure only no drive- for most Apple ACHI 2013 & Later SSD/Flash Drives for Apple Mac Pro, MacBook Pro w/Retina, iMac, Mac mini, and MacBook Air 2013 & Later Models Retina Late 2013 to current 1 year iMac15,1, iMac14,2, iMac14,3, iMac14,4, MacPro6,1, MacBookAir7,2, MacBookAir7,1, MacBookAir6,2, MacBookAir6,1, MacBookPro12,1, MacBookPro11,5, MacBookPro11,4, MacBookPro11,3, MacBookPro11,2, MacBookPro11,1, Macmini7,1 Envoy enclosure is for Apple drive only, do not install OWC drive in Envoy Not all Apple stock drives are compatible with the Envoy Pro enclosure. NVMe drives and drives made by Samsung are not compatible
  • Envoy Pro 1A USB 3 Portable, Bus-Powered Storage Enclosure for Apple SSDs from most 2013 to 2019 Mac Models and Aura Pro X2, Aura Pro X, Aura N2, and Aura N drives. USB-A cable included, works with USB-A to C adapter (optional).
  • Complete Installation Kit for Alternate postiion 2.5in SSD/2.5in HD Mac mini 2011 Do It Yourself kit This is the cable for the lower bay where the original drive is in the upper bay
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