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Warranty and Genuine products.

All products sold by are covered by manufacturer’s warranty, are factory genuine and CanadaRAM Ltd. is an authorized reseller.

Warranties are covered by the manufacturer, not CanadaRAM. Manufacturers’ warranty detail:

DMS CertifiedOWC/Newer TechCorsairCrucialKingstonMushkinSeagateWestern Digital, Shikatronics & Azen

For products other than RAM modules 1 year is the typical warranty, however warranty terms and conditions vary by manufacturer and product. Warranties cover defects of the original materials and workmanship, warranties do not cover compatibility, installation issues, software installation, user damage or data loss or recovery.

We recommend that you back up your data in full before installing any hardware or software. If you are not confident installing hardware or software, please consult with a qualified technician. You can find instructions in your owners manual or on your computer manufacturer’s website, or on a Google web search. Answers to common computer questions are available at

Please email with any warranty or return questions before returning products.

You will be given instructions specific to the product and authorization to return. The return address may be to the manufacturer or their Canadian warehouse, not CanadaRAM. Warranty replacement procedures may require some diagnostic or testing steps, the customer agrees to carry out reasonable testing to identify whether products are in fact defective. If the buyer does not co-operate in testing, a service fee may be assessed for testing of the products once they are returned.

Note: In most cases, warranty is handled directly by the manufacturer of the product and you will exchange products with their service centre. Do not ship any goods before you have received a Returned Materials Authorization (RMA) and instructions where to send.

Unopened Non-defective (customer discretionary) returns are subject to reasonable restocking charges and shipping is not refundable, at Canadaram’s discretion. Opened and used goods will be treated on a case by case basis. See Terms

Other than our 10 day RAM memory DOA policy (below) Warranty shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. Un-authorized packages and freight-collect packages will be refused or costs deducted from applicable refund.

  • Consult your computer owner’s manual for installation instructions.
  • Turn off power and unplug machine before installation.
  • Do not use tools such as pliers on RAM modules, it will damage them irreparably.
  • Do not force a module into a socket. Make sure it is oriented correctly.
  • Do not apply power to an incompletely or incorrectly installed memory module. 

Warranty coverage excludes any damage done by customer. All warranties are voided by modification to or abuse of the product, damage or alteration of the product or removal of labels. Returned goods with any damage including but not limited to

  • burned or chipped contact pins from improper installation,
  • dropped hard drives,
  • tool marks,
  • damaged labels or serial numbers,
  • water damage,
  • freight damage from inadequate customer packaging

will not be accepted for refund or warranty.

Warranty terms are for replacement by new or recertified equivalent product, at the manufacturer’s discretion, not for refund or credit. Customer must return the item first, to the service depot indicated by the return authorization.

In some cases, at Canadaram’s sole discretion, we may do an advance exchange where replacements are sent before the defective is returned. In the case of an advance exchange, we require a security deposit to cover the cost of the items, to be reversed after the original items are received back.

CanadaRAM policies:

  • Lifetime warranty on RAM modules: Most DDR3 and DDR4 RAM modules have a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty (see terms below) Older and discontinued types may have 30 days to 1 year warranty. We only sell genuine, manufacturer authorized products with the exception of obsolete RAM which may be remanufactured or recertified, and goods that are explicitly identified as used, refurbished, new-old-stock or open box.
  • No-Risk Upgrade: You may return generic RAM within 10 days for a full credit towards an upgrade to Kingston branded RAM where available. Email us first for authorization.
  • Compatibility Guarantee: If we quote Kingston or OWC RAM by email for a particular computer and we make an error, we will pay all shipping on replacement in the first 10 days (Canadian orders only, replacement shipping is by Expedited Post 3 – 8 day delivery, customer may elect to upgrade shipping for an extra charge, special order products and non-RAM products excluded).
  • DOA Replacement Guarantee: A very small percentage of RAM is defective on arrival – we pay for shipping on warranty replacement in the first 10 days (Canadian orders only, replacement shipping is by Expedited Post 3 – 8 day delivery, customer may elect to upgrade shipping for an extra charge, special order products and non-RAM products are excluded).
  • Non-Defective returns: Sometimes circumstances require you to return a product without using it. Email us first to discuss, and we will likely be able to take the product back if it is new, unopened and in saleable condition with all accessories and retail packaging. Depending on the product, a restocking charge may be payable to cover our costs. Labour, Shipping and handling charges and credit card/bank charges are not refundable. There are no returns for refund on Kingston or Corsair memory, CPUs, Motherboards, Video cards, Software, Drives which have been used (formatted) or any Special-order products.

Definition of Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty: Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty is limited to the lifetime of the part in manufacturing. When a part has been discontinued by the manufacturer, and remaining replacement stocks have been depleted, repair or replacement cannot be made and the lifetime of that part is ended, consequently the warranty for that part is ended.

Goods are subject to the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty. The address of the manufacturer’s authorized return depot for warranty will vary by product. Shipping is the customer’s responsibility. CanadaRAM does not provide over-the-counter exchange on manufacturer’s warranty claims. There are no other warranties express or implied, and in no case will CanadaRAM be liable for refund or replacement of goods outside of the manufacturer’s warranty terms or in case of manufacturer non-fulfillment of their warranty.

Notice: Some types of RAM, including but not limited to the list below, have ended their life in manufacturing and the warranty period is ending. Warranty will be assessed on a case by case basis depending on the manufacturer’s ability to supply replacement parts. If the manufacturer is unable to supply replacement parts, the warranty will be expired.

  • Some models of DDR1 and DDR2 memory are at end of production, and warranty may be limited to 30 days to 1 year depending on product
  • Proprietary Apple Powerbook and HP LaserJet modules
  • Certain Cisco flash modules, SIMMs and DRAM SIMMs and DIMMs
  • SmartMedia cards
  • XD Memory cards
  • MemoryStick cards
  • PC66, PC100 and PC133 memory

DMS Certified brand RAM

In 2021 DMS closed their business and sold their assets to Nemix Corp.

NEMIX RAM 4350 NW 19th Ave Suite C Pompano Beach, FL 33064

As a courtesy, Nemix has agreed to honor DMS memory warranty, please contact them at for warranty inquiries.

Manufacturer’s Replacement warranty terms

OWC and Newer Technologies Memory and Drive warranties range from 90 days to lifetime, and are handled by OWC.

As a convenience, warranty exchange on certain memory parts can be handled through CanadaRAM, customer is responsible for shipping. Support and warranty questions, call 1-800-275-4576 U.S.A. or international +1-815-338-8685 or contact online at

Kingston RAM has a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty

Manufacturer’s Limited Lifetime Warranty terms

Kingston warranty must go through Kingston tech support, call a toll free 1-800-337-3719 or 1-800-435-0640  and discuss the module problem with a Kingston technician

Mushkin RAM has a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty

Manufacturer’s Limited Lifetime Warranty Terms

Mushkin warranty must go through Mushkin tech support.

Corsair RAM has a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty

Manufacturer’s Limited Lifetime Warranty Terms

Corsair warranty must go through Corsair tech support.

Crucial RAM has a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty

Manufacturer’s Limited Lifetime Warranty Terms

Crucial warranty must go through Crucial tech support.

Seagate warranty terms vary with the product and is tied to the serial number

Online Seagate warranty replacement is accessible here Seagate warranty replacement must go through Seagate

Seagate support resources

The drive brand LaCie and Samsung’s hard drive division were purchased by Seagate

Western Digital warranty terms vary with the product and is tied to the serial number Online Western Digital warranty replacement is accessible here


Western Digital warranty replacement must go through Western Digital

G-Technology and HGST (formerly part of Hitachi) are now owned by Western Digital

Shikatronics went out of business in 2008 and with them, the ability to claim on the manufacturers warranty expired. Some Shikatronic product lines were acquired by Fidelity Electronics

Lifetime Memory Products Lifetime has gone out of business and no warranty remains

Azen memory products warranty expired when Mobel Electronique went out of business

OCZ SSD drives went out of business, and warranties are expired. Certain of OCZ assets were purchased by Toshiba

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