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Guraranteed-compatible Macintosh RAM with Canadian prices, shipping and warranty.
Wouldn't you rather get your Macintosh memory and upgrades from someone who really knows Macs? Get Canadian source guaranteed-compatible Macintosh memory from CanadaRAM with prompt delivery to your door with fast service, no customs brokerage and no excessive shipping costs.



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Memory for Apple Xserve servers - Intel and PowerPC

There are several different Mac Mini models, which take different RAM types. Please verify your machine model before ordering.
If you go to the Apple Menu "About this Mac.. > More Information." it will tell you the speed and type of your Mac's RAM. Please include this information on the Comments area of your order form.
See a full list of models and RAM capacities here.



Xserve 8-Core (2 CPU) Server "Nehalem" 2.26GHz, 2.66GHz, 2.93GHz (1066MHz DDR3 ECC DIMM) 12 Expansion Sockets Install 3 at a time - 6 or 12 Identical DIMMs Recommended for best performance

2 GB Single With TS Certified 61757 $ 38
4 GB kit (2x2 GB) With TS Certified 61767x2 $ 72
6 GB kit (3x2GB) With TS Certified 61767x3 $ 106
8 GB kit (4x2GB) With TS Certified 61767x4 $ 140
12 GB kit (6x2GB) With TS Certified 61767x6 $ 205
4 GB Single With TS Certified 61758 $ 49
8 GB kit (2x4GB) With TS Certified 61768x2 $ 93
12 GB kit (3x4GB) With TS Certified 61768x3 $ 137
16 GB kit (4x4GB) With TS Certified 61768x4 $ 181
24 GB kit (6x4GB) With TS Certified 61768x6 $ 265
32 GB kit (8x4GB) With TS Certified 61768x8 $ 346
8 GB Single With TS Certified 61759 $ 65
16 GB Kit (2x8G) With TS Certified 61759x2 $ 126
24 GB Kit (3x8G) With TS Certified 61769x3 $ 197
32 GB Kit (4x8G) With TS Certified 61769x4 $ 259
48 GB Kit (6x8G) With TS Kingston KTA-MP1333/8Gx6 $ 851
Certified 61769x6 $ 377
64 GB Kit (8x8G) With TS Certified 61759x8 $ 461
32 GB Kit (2x16G) With TS Certified 61765x2 $ 301
48 GB Kit (3x16G) With TS Do not mix with other modules Certified 61765x3 $ 437
64 GB Kit (4x16G) With TS Certified 61765x4 $ 564


Xserve Quad-Core (one CPU) Server "Nehalem" 2.26GHz (1066MHz DDR3 ECC DIMM) 12GB Maximum 6 Expansion Sockets Install 3 at a time - 6 Identical DIMMs Recommended for best performance

2 GB Single Certified 61757 $ 38
4 GB kit (2x2 GB) Certified 61757x2 $ 72
6 GB kit (3x2GB) Certified 61757x3 $ 106
8 GB kit (4x2GB) Certified 61757x4 $ 140
12 GB kit (6x2GB) Certified 61757x6 $ 205
8 GB kit (2x4GB) Certified 61758x2 $ 93
12 GB kit (3x4GB) Certified 61758x3 $ 137
16 GB kit (4x4GB) Certified 61758x4 $ 181
24 GB kit (6x4GB) Certified 61758x6 $ 265
8 GB Single Certified 61759 $ 65
24 GB Kit (3x8G) Certified 61759x3 $ 186
48 GB Kit (6x8G) Certified 61759x6 $ 355


Xserve 2008 Xeon Penryn 64-bit (requires flat heatsink) 800 MHz FB-DIMM

2 GB kit (2x1GB) Certified 61676x2 $ 72
4 GB kit (2x2GB) Certified 61677x2 $ 80
8 GB kit (2x4GB) Certified 61678x2 $ 112
16 GB kit (4x4GB) Certified 61678x4 $ 216


Xserve Xeon 2.0GHz 2.66 GHz, 3.0 GHz Quad-core - Dual intel dual-core Xeon 64-bit (requires flat heatsink) 667 MHz FB-DIMM Xserve1,1

1 GB kit (2 x 512) Certified 61665x2 $ 88
2 GB kit (2 x 1G) Certified 61666x2 $ 59
4 GB kit (4x1G) Certified 61666x4 $ 114
4 GB kit (2x2GB) Certified 61667x2 $ 64
8 GB kit (4x2GB) Certified 61667x4 $ 123
8 GB kit (2x4GB) Certified 61668x2 $ 88

XServe G5 PC3200 DIMM ECC (ML/9215A, ML/9216A, ML/9217A) 8 sockets

1 GB kit (2x512) ECC Certified 61623x2 $ 69
2 GB kit (2x1 GB) ECC Certified 61624x2 $ 80
4 GB kit (2x2GB) ECC Certified 61625x2 $ 112

* Availability is subject to change without notice, In stock status reflects stock at the time of updating only.
Please call to confirm availability and shipping method if delivery time is critical.

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